EURUSD 1.1890 Critical Resistance

The euro currency is still holding firm above the 1.1840 level against the US dollar, as short-term bulls remain in control of the pair. Continued gains above the pivotal 1.1840 level could cause the EURUSD pair to advance even further, placing the 1.1875 level the next upside target. Traders should be aware that buyers may be preparing to test towards the 200-day period moving average on the four-hour time frame, at 1.1930.

The EURUSD pair is only bullish while trading above the 1.1840 level, key resistance is found at the 1.1890 and 1.1930 levels.

EURUSD pair is only bearish while trading below the 1.1840 level, key support is found at the 1.1800 and 1.1750 levels.

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