Forecast for AUD/USD on December 31, 2020


The Australian dollar threw itself a holiday yesterday and grew stronger than the market (78 points). It surpassed the 0.7675 target level, and the signal line of the Marlin oscillator returned to the tilted path, from which, it would seem, it had already left on the 22nd. Now the aussie's target is the 0.7770 level.

As with other leading currencies, the euro and the pound, with the establishment of a new high, AUD/USD will form a reversal divergence with the Marlin oscillator. There will be a double divergence for AUD/USD. Accordingly, the reversal factor will increase. The target levels of the downward trend were revised, now they are: 0.7465, 0.7285 and others, marked on the daily chart.

The price continues to rapidly rise on the four-hour chart. Its decline under the MACD line, below 0.7642, will be the first sign of a reversal in the Australian dollar.

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